Over the last two weeks, I have been hard at work building my first Command Line Interface (CLI) using Ruby! I enjoyed building my first CLI app, which I call “Freshies”, in reference to the coveted fresh snow sought after by skiers and snowboards around the globe. “Freshies” is used to check conditions at ten of the most popular Ski-Areas in Colorado.

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Freshies home screen

I wanted to build an app with a bit of humor behind it so that when I got stuck in the weeds I could sit back and laugh about the whole thing. This proved helpful more than once.

My CLI app uses data generated from an Application Programming Interface(API) called One Call API, which is one of many APIs available to use for free at openweathermap.org. The One Call API takes in a few parameters, including the latitude and longitude of a specific location to generate a weather forecast for the specified location. The API also takes in a parameter to change which unit to display the data in (Imperial or Metric). Finally, the API requires a specific user ID, generated by openweathermap.org when you sign up, called an API Key. …

My interest in software engineering is a new romance. At 31, I never really saw myself returning to school. And actually, before this pandemic, I would never have had the time to return to school. Isn't it curious how the world can present you with an opportunity just when you need it the most?

I grew up in the beautiful rocky mountains of Colorado. The youngest of three, I was born and raised in beautiful Breckenridge, CO. To some, this is paradise, to me, it often felt more like living in Disneyland. Breck is a ski resort, and one of the largest in the country. Every winter thousands of tourists would flood my hometown from all around the world to ski. …

Zac Flynn

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